Amazing Indian Train Experience

Sunday, February 3, 2013

As I am writing this, I am lying uncomfortably on a sleeping coach of the indian train, recalling what had happened just now. The time now is 4.30am indian time and I just boarded the train which is heading from Udupi to Kochi with a group of 19 other friends. 

The horrible experience came when the train arrived. We were bring rushed to move fast into one of the coaches without having sufficient time to check the coach number. In the end, the 20 of us were stranded in a small and tiny space in one of the many coaches. Jing Yang even stood right beside the opened door of the fast moving train where we can feel the strong wind through it. One fast cornering and maybe he will be flung out of the train. 

Just when all of us thought we will be standing there for 12 hours for the 500km journey, a man who is working there guided us to our coach, we were like 'Thank God he came!!!!!!'. The sleeper coach is terrible than expected, way more terrible. The sleeping place is just sufficient for an average build human to fit in, nothing more than that. We can only sleep, not even sit or stretch our back!

Nothing can be done as I constantly remind myself that I am going to reach Malaysia soon. Time to sleep, shubalatri~ =)


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