Turbulent Feeling

Monday, February 4, 2013

As I am writing this, the time now is 11.10pm which is 1.40am in Malaysia. I am sitting in one of the economy class seats beside Phuah Sheng and I have just boarded the flight from Cochin (Kochi) International Airport to LCCT.

In a blink of eye, the time has come for my 1 month vacation after struggling hard, real hard for 5 months in Manipal. I can still vividly remember the exciting moment when a bunch of Malaysian monkeys like us first reached India, and now it's the time for us to say goodbye after such a long journey (not long in fact), I am finally a 10% doctor!

The awesome friends I have made, the amazing lecturers and the ever-friendly locals made me feel so homely day by day. This feeling is hard to describe in plain words as you have to be in it to understand it. Thank you to each and everyone of my sakai friends who made my journey in Manipal a memorable one~ =)

I miss my parents, I miss my girlfriend, I miss my friends and I miss all my relatives, I miss my bed, I miss the rain, the sky, the tar road, chatime, dimsum, pan mee and basically I miss each and every bit of my hometown. I am wondering how much changes can I see in my hometown... There are so many things around me all this while but I do not appreciate them truly, I only start realising their importance once I am all alone in a land far far away.... 

Finally, after been through the thick and thin, I am on 10,000m above sea level and embarking on my homecoming journey! =D


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