Journey to End Point

Saturday, April 13, 2013

This can be considered the first time I am going to End Point since I came back for my second semester. End Point is a place where fresh air is available, along with the greens (trees) and the blues (river). The whole group of us went on a Sunday morning because one of my friend, Pei Shin has not been here yet and this is the first time she actually came here. Its just a 20 minutes journey from my hostel.

There is a river which we have to climb down across the woods in order to reach there. The pitiful river has lost a significant amount of water since the last time I saw her. I think this is mostly due to the summer season in Manipal. As usual, Benjamin is the one who was leading us all the way down to the river by removing slippery stones and hazardous branches along the way.

The 9-second video above can clearly show you the beautiful environment there. No pollution, no noise, just mother nature. End Point is always a nice place to go especially when I am stress and down. Its like escaping from a busy life to a wonderful place where you can look back and solve your problems one by one.

Today itself I saw a group of Indian women going from shop to shop in the town area, begging for few rupees in order to feed their child. This is not an unusual sight as beggars are seen everywhere around the international student town everyday. However, it suddenly came to my mind that I am so lucky as I am not one of them, mainly because I was born in different region of the earth. 

Sometimes there are just too many things that we are unable to control even with our presence. There are things that we wished to changed but we just could not satisfy each and everyone in the end. So there are times where we should just observed the things that are going on, and be grateful that you are in control of your own lives. I am not a Malay, I am not an Indian. I am not a Chinese, I am a Malaysian.

Tadaaa, today I am going to start off a Medical Magic info session for my loyal readers, inspired by Siong Keat's ambitious dream ( of educating people with health science information. This session will be in each and every blog post of mine from now onwards, cheers~ =)

Medical Magic #1

Kidney is mainly responsible for filtration of metabolic waste products in our body. Have you ever heard about kidney transplant? Basically from what we know, it is the transfer of a healthy kidney to a patient whose kidney is defective or need replacement. Now here is the surprise! Usually when a healthy kidney is transplanted, the defective kidney will not be removed, which means that the patient will have actually 3 kidneys in his/her body. Tadaaa, surprise~ =D

Layman's explanation: The kidney can be fixed to a position lower than the original position of a normal kidney.The removal of the defective kidney is not required due to the complicated procedure in ensuring the blood vessels and nerves surrounding the kidney are not affected. 

Medical Explanation: The transplanted kidney, which is connected to abdominal aorta by renal arteries in the donor, is connected to external iliac artery in the patient. Similarly, the renal veins which is connected to inferior vena cava in the donor, is connected to external iliac vein in the patient. This decreases the rate of morbidities as the renal vessels of the patient are not disturbed. 


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