More than Sand & Water

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It was just a normal Saturday but this week we had 2 extra holidays, that is the Holi Festival and Good Friday, so we. around 20 of us, decided to head to the other beach which we have not explore yet - Kaup Beach! This beach is the second I have visited after the first one in Malpe Beach.

The tide of waves are moving fast here, unlike the calming sea in Malpe Beach. Most of my friends still insisted to dive in despite the strong current there. For me, I chose not to swim mainly due to the hydrophobic nature of mine~ =P

The only reason I came is to enjoy the stress-free beach and to feel the strong wind punching my face reminded me that life is not about struggling to do what you are doing, but appreciate the moment of struggling with people whom I called friends. Time management is crucial here especially when we have class tests & presentations every week. So to say that I will neglect my studies when I actually spent just merely 6 hours in this beach is bullshit~ =)

As you can see here, there is a lighthouse in this beach. This lighthouse is believed to be historical as it was built during the British ruling time. This is actually the first time I was standing in front of a real, REAL lighthouse! The sight where the big torch situated high up the lighthouse being thrown out towards the sea is incredibly amazing, shooting each and every particles hibernating in the sea~

We decided to climb up the lighthouse, to the very top. However, the process is not as easy as expected. We need to climb the never-ending spiral staircase within the lighthouse itself. Some of my friends (Siong Keat) even have vertigo - the fear of heights. The feeling of looking down while climbing up is quite scary too~

The bird-eye view on top of the lighthouse is superb. I realised I can actually see things from different perspective when I am high above everyone, the angle of vision is totally different. 'Think out of the box', this is what I have been hearing all this while from other people. One of the problem I have is the lack of creativity, that's what I am looking for all this while. Nevertheless, all of us are still learning day by day. As time passes, we are becoming better everyday~ =)

Starry starry night, strongy strongy wind~


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