Happening 21st

Monday, July 8, 2013

By writing this post, I am no longer a boy, I have turned 21 and I am officially a man!

However, I strongly believe that age does not define maturity of a person, it is our character that define us as who we are. So age is just a number to me (some said age is clearly a word).

My birthday this year falls on a Monday which is a day before my Biochemistry practical examination on Tuesday. To be frank I have never celebrated my birthday under exam stress, what more in a country other than Malaysia? O_o

On Sunday evening (7th July 2013), I was alone in the library and I received a call from Lai Yeng asking me to meet her up in her hostel. Upon arriving, both Lai Yeng and Pei Shin came out and passed me a Tupperware with a muffin, an apple pie and an egg tart inside with the note:

Happy Birthday
in advance!
Enjoy & have fun

Cake by Laiyeng
Tarts by Lenglui PeiShin =)

I felt deeply touched by their very own hostel-made delicacies and for spending time in making those despite busy preparing for exam. ;’)

After a long day, I went back to my room and lie down on my bed at 1.00 am. Upon resting my head, I heard some plastic sound under my pillow and I thought it was due to some notes underneath. To my surprise, I found this under my pillow!!

5 ties of different colours and a handmade card depicting Cony and Brown from LINE apps! From my darling Hui Ling~ ^^ I have never thought of receiving anything from her since we are so far apart physically and wouldn’t thought of getting a surprise too. It is not the present that matters but the heart and effort she put in to make my day~ <3 <3

8th July 2013 – Morning
Woke up, brushed teeth, bathe, opened my wardrobe to look for shirt and I found the second surprise, a handmade book with extraordinary words!

I must have guessed this is from Chee Sian. Felt so touched by the way he described me, although it’s a bit exaggerated haha. Just realised my presence actually made so much impact to him as a friend and I kept laughing by the humour within his neat handwriting. There are some photos and notes from Hui Ling too and some wishes from my batchmates inside the 12-page book. I don’t know how much time you spent to compile this book but I really appreciate you as one of my best friends, Chee Sian.

Yes, my facebook wall, twitter, whatsapp, wechat, instagram and LINE apps are bombarded by nearly 200 wishes. I appreciate those wishes very much and I took time to reply each and every wishes. Thanks for spending few seconds on my wall to wish me, LOL.

My whole day was spent on the library as everyone was busy preparing for exam the next day, and yeah, no celebration on that day.

9th July 2013 – Evening
After exam ended, Siong Keat asked me to accompany him for ice cream as he had not done well in the exam (emo laaa him). Prior to that, Chin Leong (my roommate) said he is going out for a jog but he is actually coming back after I went out to arrange my presents on my bed~

Special thanks to my handsome n charming roommate who is that good in acting… I actually believed he went out to get some drinks… He’s that good u gotta believe it!

From: Chin Leong (he typed that himself on my laptop!)

I seriously believed him and while walking back to hostel after that, we passed by Interact building which my classroom is situated there. Surprisingly (and weirdly), Jonathan and Benjamin was there and both of them were looking at their laptop. I felt so weird and I was like ‘what are they doing here with a laptop? =_=’

When we approached them, they immediately stuck the earphone onto me and played the 18-min video (which includes my family members) that they have specially prepared for me.

I felt so shocked with all the individual birthday wishes from my friends in the video, including few of my friends from my hometown, Ipoh. It made me suddenly miss all of them so much.. T_T the feeling when I am watching the video is hard to describe, I felt happy and touched at the same time. Thanks for sacrificing your time to complete the video just for me – Siong Keat, Chee Sian, Jonathan, Chin Leong, Elyn and Wei Jie.

After I have finished watching the video, I got another surprise when I was surrounded by a bunch of friends behind me. They must have come when I was concentrating in watching the video. Birthday song was sung as formality and we went to KFC for our dinner!! =D

We had a wonderful time there~ =)

YEAH! This was the display on my bed when I reached my room. Specially done by Mr Lee Chin Leong~ The most creative and amazing present among my friends is the one from Benjamin. I was amazed by the artwork he did, see the video below...

Despite the celebration for my birthday is over by a day, I still received present on 10th July from…

Candice Wong (Jane Russel) - Choc Cake~ =D


Seh Ying (Sying) - Homemade Muffin~ ^^

From Siong Keat, Elyn and Wei Jie on 11th July~ =)

A special Calvin Klein perfume neatly wrapped in a blue wrapper which warned me not to open as there is a bomb inside. The reason I got the present this late is because they are ordering online and have to wait for it to be delivered to their doorstep, according to my insider source~ =’)

Thanks everyone for making my birthday a special one, even a simple wish made my day and thank God I'm blessed by wonderful, happening and caring people around me~ =)


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