Going 'High'

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
23 August 2016 - I have just returned from my 2 days 1 night trip from Cameron Highlands! 

The last time I visited Camerons was last year, with my deba, makmak and ah ling yiyi. Not much has changed, except for the weather which is slightly warmer than before, maybe it is because of the changing climate coupled with global warming. 

My friends and I decided to come here because it was the beginning of our semester break of 1 week, and because we wanna have a place to chill and relax due to the hectic schedule of our postings. 

The main organiser for this trip is Wei Jie because he is familiar with the places in and around Camerons. 

We started our journey around 9am from Wei Jie's house in Seputeh and headed north to a market place in Kampar, Perak to have our hearty breakfast. After that, it was time to climb up the sloppy hills! 

After we have unloaded our luggage in Parkland Apartments in Brinchang, the first place we visited was Cactus Valley. I am not a fan of cacti, neither am I aware of my friend's hobby of having one because to my surprise, all 3 housemates of mine (Wei Jie, Siong Keat & Yong Jin) bought some small cacti which costs few ringgits each. 

Next, we head down to Starwberry Farm. There are so many strawberry farms around the area, with some prominent signs, usually written 'pluck your own strawberries!'. However, the cost of it is not cheap, priced at RM 30 for minimum of 500g, thus we just visited the strawberry products shop. There are variety of strawberry-made/associated products, jam, cakes, chocolates, to name a few. 

We even stopped by at some market place and did some window shopping before heading to Brinchang town for our hot and steamy steamboat dinner! We finished our dinner before 8pm so as to watch the finals for Olympics badminton men's single match between Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long (China). Heartbreaking news followed suite.... </3 Malaysia's dream of getting a gold in the Olympics just dashed away, but the hardwork and perseverance of the athletes are remarkable and beyond words. Thank you to all who have worked hard to bring up the name of Malaysia!

The next day, we went to BOH Tea Plantation at Sg. Palas after breakfast and checking out from our apartment. The greenish tea leaves at the plantation hills are so pleasant to our eyes, and the refreshing BOH iced tea is undoubtedly soothing to our taste buds. 

Before heading down to put a full stop to this wonderful trip, we stopped halfway to take some amazing photos on the plantation sites.

Life is always beautiful if you choose to see it this way. I am truly grateful for the fabulous friends I have, who constantly provide supports and bring joy to my life always. 

With this, I am officially a semester 9 student~ =)


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