Manipal Run for Life

Saturday, August 6, 2016
6 August 2016 - This event is organized by my college, and it's called 'Run for Life'. Neither do I know what's the meaning, or is it associated with run for your life or run for a better life or what will you do if you sleep instead of running?

Guess which wristband is mine?

Jokes aside. This is the first sports event I have participated since I came back from India last year. There is a similar event last year too but I was in Muar so I did not participate but this year itself, I am fortunate to be in Melaka along with some of my 'healthy' friends~ =)

I reached campus around 7am but as usual, the opening ceremony started at 8am+++++

post-run selfie

They are giving away medals for the top 25 and for some little hope, I thought maybe I can try to aim for the top 25, but the reality is always cruel~ =(

However, I have tried my best and managed to run past as many friends as possible during the 5 km stretch which circles around my college.

With some training and extra effort in the coming months, I promised myself to set a new target to reach for the top 25 next year!

Yu Hui, one of my friend who got into top 25~

Please support me physically and mentally.

Thank you~ =) 


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