Tzu Chi Clinic with Dr Yap

Sunday, January 15, 2017
15 January 2017 - How many of you have seen a person who are well to do in the society, highly respected, and at the same time, treats everyone equally and same? Well, I have the opportunity to knew this man, Dr Yap.

Dr Yap comes to Tzu Chi free clinic on the 3rd Sunday every month with his wife to give free medical consultation services to the poor and needy in Melaka. I am particularly inspired by his attitude in life and his approach to each of his patient, listening attentively, giving respect and building rapport with his patients.

In my lifetime, I have only encountered a few person who treats everyone equally. If you are thinking whether you are the one? Try to think of the people you have seen on the street, the cleaners, the security guards, lecturers, professors, doctors, nurses, bangladeshi workers, the auntie who sells lottery, the uncle who sells tissue and the young Indian boy who sells kacang putih, do you treat them all equally? Yes, I do, and Dr Yap is also one of the people who does it.

Today I have learnt the technique of ultrasound to visualise a uterine fibroid with his guidance. He told medical students like us that it is always a need to treat the patient as a whole, to detect their underlying problem and not just the presenting complaints.

His humble personality and his openness to approach to medical students like us made me feel that there is still hope in the doctor's world. Doctors who are highly educated are not all arrogant and egoistic, he is one of the exception.

I am always grateful that I am exposed to Tzu Chi in Melaka early. The experiences I have gotten so far, made me a stronger person in life.


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