Visit to Nazarath Home

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
11 January 2017 - Starting the year of 2017 (Year of the Rooster) with this new post! How time flies~ I started this blog 10 years ago in year 2007 to describe my experience during one of my St. John duties in Stadium Perak. Link below:

How much I have grown, physically and mentally 10 years ago compared to now. One thing is for sure, I am becoming better and better day by day. I wonder how will I be 10 years from now? Will I still be able to maintain my current personality to adapt to the challenges in the near future? Only time will tell~ =)

I joined my college student council family to spend my Wednesday evening in Nazarath Home, an old folks home cater to the poor and needy in Klebang Besar, Melaka. I always love participating in events like this, events which keeps me in touch with the people of the neglected society.

There are 43 students, mostly from BDS (Dentistry students) in which some I have knew them earlier (Melissa, Abok), and fortunately, both my groupmates, Izzul and Wei Hoong were there with me too, if not it must be awkward to be with so many people whom I have not known. Oh, Ian was there, a good buddy of mine who carried his guitar and played the carol songs for the people there.

Some people joined because they wanted to bring joy to others, but for me, it works both way. I realised that my communication skills in approaching strangers is improved this time, I am able to initiate a smooth conversation with the people, thanks to my professor, Dr Ng Sin Hui who always demonstrated to me the art of communication in the hospital wards. Thank you Sin Hui (if you're reading).

Visit to homes always makes me grateful, not only for what I have physically, but also constantly reminds me of my peaceful state of mind, undisturbed, unaffected. The people there have different stories and different experiences in life, some speaks for us to listen, while others actually speaks for themselves with us as listeners. I feel that the only way to get in touch with the people is to actually go to them and understand their story, not to comment nor suggest anything. It is through experience that we keep ourselves on our toes all the time~ =)


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