GameAxis October Letter of the Month

Saturday, November 1, 2008

~ CABAL Online Limited Edition Box Set ~

22 October 2008 - I received my GameAxis magazine for this month. Not bad after all, there are approximately 11 reviews for this month's hot games. What really grab my attention was the game 'Spore, the origin of species'. The same creator of The Sims. It told us how fun a game can be when you can create your own creatures and modify them according to your liking. There are some gamers who shape the creature just like Starwars series and animal-like creature. I will definitely purchase the game when it hits the store. I've entered a contest for a chance to get a free CD on GameAxis August issue and I found out that I was among the 10 lucky winners who get the prize. My friend, Yee Yang managed to get the prize too with the nickname: Deric Lee. Well, the letter of the month gifts will be claimed by my parents when they are going to KL this month. Below is the letter, let's see..

Hi there,

This is my first time writing to GameAxis. This magazine contains so much fun within. The magazine cover for September issue of GameAxis was awesome and attractive. SPORE, the origin of species, the game is not that bad after all, isn't it? From what I can see through the magazine, Spore is just another game of fantasy and adventure. It gives me the idea that this game is somehow.. a bit childish (suit me =.='). The characters are funny too. I think I will try it when the game release. Well, since GameAxis are looking forward for some improvement in this issue, please allow me to present my point of view towards this. (The game survey on page 40 does not allow readers to comment their own ideas -__-)

1) GameAxis should remind about the advantages readers will get when they subscribe to this magazine such as cheaper and the chances to get free gifts.

2) The magazine cover for GameAxis should be attractive all the times like this issue. The previous August issue's cover - Warhammer Online is dull and unattractive from the shelves.

3) does not contain much about Malaysia's GameAxis magazine. The search results are all from the Singapore version magazine. Although it contains many information about the games...

4) I agreed with the letter of the month saying that the game reviews are mostly from consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360. Are you telling us that there are no new games from PC too?? (I saw plenty of new games from PC Gamer magazine)

5) Gamers would be glad to receive FREE booklet or game disc from GameAxis. Just like the previous issue, we get free disc from Cabal Online and booklet about the World Cyber Games (WCG). Here's my idea, minus 2 page from the magazine and continue the poster giveaway that everyone loves. (xD)

Well, that's all I can comment about GameAxis survey. I'm looking forward to more improvements and updates from this magazine. Hope you guys will appreciate this.


P.S: Since I've won the letter of the month for GAX June issue using the email and nickname: HeartBreakKid, I'm using my sister's email to send this letter. xD

~ GameAxis October Issue ~

~ DVD Game Client, Magnificent Scroll of Neverath, Playing Cards, Graphic Art Book, Glittering Force Core ~

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