Primary School Class of 2004 Reunion Dinner

Monday, November 3, 2008
~ Memories Alive ~

~ Me, Anthony, Kah Keen, Sze Ngau, Kit Kei ~

1 November 2008 - This is the first reunion dinner from Class 6(1) to 6(8). You guess, we are the batch of class 2004 from SJK(c) Yuk Choy. That means it has been 4 long years after we've graduated from primary school 4 years ago. The venue for this reunion is Greentown MP, the restaurant located near Ipoh Parade. A few of my friends and I walked there from Ipoh Parade at approximately 5.50pm and we arrived at 6.05pm. I expected some of my old classmates to arrive early but when we reached there, no one has arrive yet.. I saw plenty old friend there, boys and girls, but most of the boys are from my school. We entered a room inside MP at 7.30pm. The price per person + tax is around RM31.00, Ouch! After dinner, we had a small chat outside MP, then I followed some of my friends to Junction Kopitiam @ Ipoh Parade. We went home quite late.. swt!

Here are some of my old friends that I've met (excluding SMI) :
1) Chin Kah Keen
2) Seng Choon
3) Anthong Chong
4) Wu Wei Ming
5) Phon Kit Kei
6) Lee Hoi Yen
7) Ooi V-tjen
8) Yi Xinn
9) Lee Elynn
10) Many many more friends that I can't remember their names....
P.S: Yi Xin told us that she like someone from my class, 4sc4, the person is a band member, I wonder who was that person.. hmm

~ We are from the same class when we were standard 5, Oh, next year I will be form 5, OMG! ~

~ Freaks from SMI, where is Ong Jin Hong? ~

~ Oh, here he is ~

~ They were from 6(7), who is that person laughing behind? ~

~ LOLZ, lucky Woei Hong ~


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yixin here.My name is yixin not yixinn.
    Happy Reunion that day.
    Hhhaa.Urhm..that type of thgs have jz pass eddi..NO MORE NOW. No need guess and wondering =)

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