Friday, November 28, 2008
Got this tag from Yoong Xiang and Sze Ngau's blog and I found it was quite interesting . xD
So here's the rules :

Choose 7 friends, upload individual pictures of them, type out their names and write the 7 things you love or hate about them! Tag 7 people after that! ( I chose as many friends as I like! )

Alan Beh Peng Cheng

Love: Friendly, Caring, A friend you can trust, Simple
Hate: Too emotional (sometimes), Can be easily fooled! , Curious

Vincent Tang Choon Beng

Love: Friendly, Funny, Simple
Hate: Always fong fei kei, His don't care about everything attitude, yamjin face!

Nike Phang Yee Lim

Love: Friendly, Extremely-funny, Understanding, His good-to-everyone attitude
Hate: When I figure it out only tell you ..

Donivald Tham Kam Loy

Love: Funny, Simple, Good leader, Capable of doing 'anything', Always smile
Hate: Proud of himself sometimes ( which make others talk bad about him, not me! )

Calvin Tan Sze Ngau

Love: Friendly (sometimes), Cool?
Hate: Play truant frequently, Serious when he is not funny, Rules-breaker

Tikuz Wong Yoong Xiang

Love: Helpful, Responsible?
Hate: Selfish (sometimes), Face problem?

Wong Joe Hang

Love: Funny, Caring
Hate: Pessimist, Suspicious mind, Hard to predict, Angry because of minor stuff, Bully

Fong Teik Sum

Love: Friendly, Good in studies, Know how to differentiate good and bad (which many don't)Hate: yet to be discovered...

Jason Lim Kin Ho
Love: Friendly, Funny, Optimist, Simple

Hate: His so called DkDc (dont know dont care) attitude

Chuah Teong Hui

Love: Friendly, Cool, Brave at doing stupid and funny things
Hate: Bossy, Play truant frequently, lazy


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