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Sunday, March 15, 2009
'' Once there was a drought in a country, it lasted for 2 years. The people in the village live peacefully and happily until 2 years ago, when the cruel drought snatched everything from them. The people in it pray and hope for the rain to fall once the rainy season started but they ended up with disappointment. But one day in 2009, dark clouds covered the sky and a large storm broke out. Although it looks normal and nothing unusual to other country, but for the people in the country, it symbolized success for their hopeful prayers. ''

15 March 2009 - The Annual First Aid and Home Nursing Competition for area level started yesterday. St Michael's Institution was sending two teams for the long-awaited competition, the Ambulance Cadet (A/C 12) and Ambulance Adult(A/A 5). High hopes were put on them as the Ambulance Cadet team was not up to standard and did not qualify for state level in the past 2 years. The Ambulance Adult team (Wong Joe Hang, Wong Yoong Xiang, Kisor A/L Thaiala Rao, Fong Teik Sum, Cham Swee Wen) and Ambulance Cadet team (Donivald Tham Kam Loy, Yoong Lip Zhang, Teoh Jia Heng, Lim Boon Kong, Justin Lui Tet Yoon) performed well during the competition.

The prize giving and closing ceremony was officially ended at approximately 1.30pm. The result for the competition is as below:

Ambulance Cadet(A/C 12):
Footdrill and Uniform Checking: Bronze
Short Case: Silver
Highest Individual: Donivald Tham Kam Loy - Silver
Highest Individual: Teoh Jia Heng - Gold

Ambulance Cadet(A/A 5):
Highest Individual: Fong Teik Sum - Bronze
Highest Individual: Wong Yoong Xiang - Silver
Highest Individual: Cham Swee Wen - Gold

CONGRATULATIONS for both teams which qualified to state level competition!


  1. Alexander said...:

    Cham Swee Wen?
    might as well Chow Swee Kwan. haha.

  1. Ivan Tan said...:

    Chow Swee Kwan get K King can la.. haha^^

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