So Close Yet So Far

Sunday, April 5, 2009
5 April 2009 - The 53rd State-level Annual First Aid and Home Nursing Competition ended today, leaving its glory and memories for the year 2009. My school, SMK St Michael, Ipoh sent two teams, the Ambulance Cadet and Ambulance Adult for this competition. The two teams were as below: Ambulance Adult, A/A 5 :-
1) Wong Joe Hang
2) Wong Yoong Xiang
3) Kisor A/L Thaiala Rao
4) Fong Teik Sum
5) Cham Swee Wen

Ambulance Cadet, A/C 12 :-
1) Donivald Tham Kam Loy
2) Yoong Lip Zhang
3) Teoh Jia Heng
4) Lim Boon Kong
5) Justin Lui Tet Yoon

The performance of the adult team was good and surprising. I myself who recorded their footdrill session was stunned by their amazing performance. Unfortunately, other teams in and around Perak were better and thus, zero trophies for their footdrill. The adult team's short case and long case was satisfactory. Seriously, their performance is way better than area-level competition. From what I observed, they have the confidence to win and at last, bronze for both their short and long cases.
Cadet team was not so disappointing after all. Their leader, Donivald Tham raise the impression of their team with his voice in their footdrill session. A stunning Silver was awarded for their footdrill and uniform checking. Short case was quite good, coordination and teamwork surpass most of the teams. Long case, hmm... it was funny. There was a casualty lying unconsciously, they found the medication, they put the medication inside the casualty mouth. Ahem, is this competition or real case situation? I doubt myself.
The overall result for my school is as below:
A/A 5 :-
Short Case - Bronze
Long Case - Bronze
Highest Individual - Fong Teik Sum - Bronze
Highest Individual - Cham Swee Wen - Silver

A/C 12 :-
Footdrill and Uniform Checking - Silver
Short Case - Bronze
Long Case - Bronze
Highest Individual - Donivald Tham Kam Loy - Silver

Since there will be only 1 team selected to enter the national-level competition in KL, both Adult and Cadet Teams did not make it. It was not because they are weak or unable to perform well, but mainly due to the more-experience teams who were slightly better than them. Congratulations and well done from the bottom of my heart. So guys, you have tried your best, you have made your alma mater proud, shout it out and loud


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