The Leaders of Tomorrow

Saturday, January 22, 2011

18 January 2011 - The annual Installation Day was held today to acknowledge the prefects, librarians and monitors in the school. For the past few years, Installation Day in St. Michael's have no impact on me as a student. I have seen the pledging of them year by year and I have never thought that I will be one of them this year.

This year, the pledging was led by Tihn Chern as the head prefect alongside Kah Chuen and Xinh Guan as the head librarian and head monitor respectively. The prefects' exco were standing behind Tihn Chern and as one of the commission heads, I was standing behind the excos as well. Certificates were then given out the the respective cabinet members of the Prefectorial Board, Board of Student Librarians and Monitorial Board~


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