Happy Birthday Kar Heng!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

22 January 2011 - It was a superb Saturday night to celebrate Kar Heng's birthday which falls on the next day. Zi Xuan had planned this celebration weeks ago to give him a surprise. Both of them went to Jusco for a date and then Zi Xuan requested to come to Goodtimes Restaurant for dinner. When both of them arrived, Kar Heng was surprised to see most of us were there waiting anxiously for their arrival. 

We shocked the whole restaurant with the singing of the birthday song to him. He said he was touched till almost cry, almost only la, haha. The food there was awesome but... we saw a small cockroach on the table, the waitress removed it then. However, it's not over yet. Our second encounter was a small bug that looks like a mosquito, it was taking it's 'spa' in the soup. Since it was just a small bug, we ignored it. Not long after that, we noticed another bug crawling on the handle of the pot... OMG!!! totally speechless.. The restaurant really deserve an A for giving customer surprises. (y)

Almost every gatherings or birthday celebrations of my friends were held here. Yee Lim said he was quite bored because he came here last week for Yi Mei's birthday celebration. Haw Tung and Sandra was talking and fighting non stop the whole time. ^^

Chris was playing with Mark's iPhone all the time too. He played a ball game that required him to slice the balls by moving his fingers on the screen. I have a peek on what's he playing and I saw him desperately slicing the fruits that were popping out on the screen. =_= pity Mark....

All the non stops have to end as I have to fetch my younger sister at 10pm. Before I left, we took a group shot so that the all the laughters can remain in the photo. There will be no photos without Mark's DSLR, so... thanks Mark~ ^^ and............

Happy Birthday Kar Heng!


  1. vizent said...:

    all the photo is credit to mark geh wo. u juz combine it and add those words jek wo. but overall not bad :)

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