Saturday, January 29, 2011
28 January 2011 - This is what happened.

I was walking from the school bus stop towards the parlour along the cover pathway after school today. I saw a group of people surrounding a boy who was lying at the basketball court. My initial thought was he had fainted while playing basketball under the hot sun.

There are a few St John members there. I lifted up both his legs to improve blood circulation but Khai Vern told me that the boy had no breathing. I was shocked and I checked for his pulse. His pulse was slow and weak and his heart stop beating. He was lying down without moving his chest and his face/lips were pale blue.

Not long after that, Mr Khiew came and called the ambulance. He said the boy whose name is Tommy had heart problem and he fainted last year but they managed to rescue him. One of the witnesses said that Tommy was playing basketball and he felt uncomfortable out of sudden. I asked Adrian to inform the St John excos who were having their meeting at St John room located on the sixth form block. The excos rushed all the way to the basketball court from the third floor. St John room used to be on the ground floor 2 years ago but my beloved principal, Mr Phoon shifted it with the band room. It was indeed a very very wise decision.

When the excos arrived, I started CPR with Justin. Tommy's face turned red for a while when the resuscitation is going on. We did not stop doing until the ambulance arrived. The paramedics used an oxygen pump to force oxygen into his lungs. The ambulance rushed him to the hospital then.

I returned to school with Chris Chow after 3pm to look for Joe Hang's spectacles. There Jevin told me Tommy had passed away on the way to hospital...

I thought that I managed to save him but I cant.. As a senior instructor of St John in the school, I failed to save him despite all the efforts and hard work.. Just like what Mark told me, God is there protecting him and us. May you rest in peace Tommy...

Thanks to all of you who care about me, I am alright now..


  1. Aaron Oo Chun Yi said...:

    Dear Ivan,

    I heard of what you have done. It was indeed brave and quick thinking of you to try to save Tommy's life. Alas, it probably was not meant to be and he went off.

    Well, the late Tommy would have probably known that you have tried your very best. Though you couldn't save him, he knew that you are a kind-hearted soul.

    I would probably say that this event has certainly given you an impact. Nevertheless, with such a heroic act you have shown that perseverance & not giving up are part of your personalities.

    Don't worry. I'm sure you will be showered with all the blessings for a good deed. Probably not now but in future.

    Hence, you take care of yourself and don't ever give up. Cheerio.

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