3rd Visit in 3 Months

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I came to this wonderful Melaka state for the 3rd time this year! OMG~~ Well, this wasn't planned by me actually. I received call from Melaka-Manipal Medical College and they asked me to go for an interview on Wednesday. It was quite rush as I had to prepare myself in a mere 2 days time.

The scheduled time was 9.00am on Wednesday morning. After completing the essay written test in the given 1 hour, the interview started. As first I was quite nervous but the friendly interviewers made me felt otherwise. There were only 9 interviewees as we were the last batch of students being interviewed. By the end of the interview, they congratulate me as I am successful in securing a place in the college!!! .... but it's either the September intake or the March intake next year >_<

Prior before the interview, my parents and I came to Melaka a day earlier to avoid the balik kampong traffic congestion and risk missing the interview. We reached Melaka town a quarter before 6.00pm and checked-in at Dream Hotel in Semabok. After that, we went searching for a famous Nyonya restaurant for our dinner. Finally, we headed to Ole Sayang Restaurant~

I have heard of Pong Teh Chicken for quite some time but never tasted it before until this day. It is a bowl full of chicken slices in a thick salty gravy along with some mushrooms. I felt that the gravy is too salty but overall this RM12 traditional Baba dish still worth a try.  

This could be the second best Otak-Otak I have tried in Melaka after the one in Famosa Restaurant. Made of fish meat and mixture of spices, this RM10.50 steamed dish is just the right one to satisfy my taste buds. Some Otak-Otak in other places are wrapped inside a banana leaf to enhance the smell. 

Jenak Curry Fish, nothing special except for the price, RM38.

This is probably the best Cendol I have tried in my life! The combination of shaved ice along with coconut milk, red beans and worm-like pandan jelly definitely deserves to be Malaysia's No. 1 Cendol. Not exaggerating but I will give 2 thumbs up for this RM2.50 dessert. 

After dinner, my mom said she wanted to go to Melaka river cruise, the same cruise I had last month. Been going through the same thing twice in 20 days time, LOL.

Afraid of being late for my interview the next day, we went to a Dim Sum Restaurant just beside our hotel. The quality was poor as any Dim Sum Restaurant in Ipoh can serve better. 

After my interview, we went to the renowned Hang Li Poh's Well or Sam Poh's Well. It is the oldest well in Peninsular Malaysia and Hang Li Poh is actually Sultan Mansor Shah's wife from China. According to legend, anyone who drank the water from this well will eventually return to Melaka. I don't think anyone will drink it now because the well is wired and the water is so dirty with the bloom of algae! 

We had our lunch at Hoe Kee Restaurant. YES, it's chicken rice ball again! It is one of the three famous chicken rice ball restaurants situated along Jonker Street. 

Only RM23 for this 3-person meal. The weird part is we are not allowed to order only rice balls and our rice must consist of normal plate of rice too. It is definitely worth a try but I personally feel that famous Chung Wah Restaurant's rice balls are nicer compared to this. 

We visited some of the shops in Jonker Street too before going to our last stop, the Famosa Fort. 

It had been a very long time since I visited this fort. I have never visited it this year as I couldn't find the place until today when my dad took me here. It was just beside Dataran Pahlawan mall and I did not realise it.

It was built by the Portuguese and part of it were destroyed by the English to prevent them from falling hands into the French. It was such a memorable and historical fort as we should be proud because we are capable of maintaining it until today. 500 years of corrosion by time and it is still standing proudly in the middle of the city.

We left Melaka after that. =)


  1. Unknown said...:

    Hi ivan tan! do you mind sharing more about the written test on mbbs programme . What type of question that might be asked? I'm applying for mbbs programme at mmmc, tbh, i'm very nervous and worry of not securing the seat. Do you have any advice or tips?

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