USS4 BBQ Gathering

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It has been a long time since most of my classmates gathered together. I still remember vividly the first time my class, LSS4 back then, gathered at Old Town Kopitiam after selling the school's drama tickets.

Thank you very much to Xinh Guan (monitor) for providing his house as a place to gather, to laugh and to have fun. Not forgetting both his parents for preparing some delicious fried rice, noodles and other ingredients for BBQ and steamboat.

We had a few games session after that. One of it was to perform a specific task given by the 'King', who was chosen randomly. Woei Hong and I were asked to do a seductive pose to entertain all of them! (Woei Hong please don't kill me for posting your photo, LOL)


Although not all of us came for this gathering, but it is still awesome because 18 of us attended. Mark is still the same with his non-stop lame jokes and Ern Theng is always shouting at us whenever we tried to provoke her. I miss the moments in class although we were burdened by exams those days...

We may not have the chance like this in the future and therefore, I am wishing all my friends a happy journey in your university life as another chapter of our life unfolds...

Lee Kar Heng
Tai Zi Xuan
Chan Sheau Miin
Tang Hoe Ching
Kow Jia Poh
Chong Kar Mun
Wong Hui Ling
Low Si Ling
Phoon Chau Yeong
Jegendran Ravindran
Kelvinder Singh
Vikneesh Nair
Mark Ooi Chuan Sen
Yammini Devi
Yogamalar Nadarajah
Sandra Elizabeth Percival
Ng Yee Mei
Wong Khee Soon
Chai Ern Theng
Tan Xinh Guan
Geston Yong 
Koo Woei Hong
Lee Sai Yeng
Noraisyah Hana
Chan Xiao Hui
Chong Pooi Yan


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