Kledang Hill Adventure

Monday, August 20, 2012

It has been a very long time since my last hiking trip at Kledang Hill. The previous one was with most of my classmates, along with my Biology teacher, Mr Liew Boon Ket to collect specimens of plants for our experiments. This trip is the same as previous, but with fewer classmates, much more fewer.  

Since it is the second day of Hari Raya, Mr Liew has load of free time so he decided to ask us out for a morning exercise. We started our journey around 7.20am and ended half an hour before noon. 

Mr Liew must have been climbing this hill quite often as his stamina is much more better compared to us. To be frank my stamina level has gone down quite a lot compared to the previous time. Luckily I have some biscuits and a cup of hot Milo before I came. 

Of course we did not reach for the peak. According to Mr Liew, our route is just one third of the entire hill. One third of it and we were already exhausted! We have to go through a steep route before entering the tar road. After that, we went to the 'hanging garden' just a few steps away when we reach the tar road. Various exercise facilities were prepared there to enable hikers to do their own warm ups. One of it is....

Human Bridge!!
(a rare shot at your teacher exercising like this xD) 

It was a tiring yet wonderful experience~ 


  1. Ivan Tan said...:

    He was so enjoyed doing it! haha

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