Earphone Fantasy

Saturday, January 5, 2013
I have never own a earphone of my own until today, when I have the sudden urge to buy myself one. This is mainly due to my parents who strongly oppose my siblings and I from using it since small.

Few days back I was amazed by a tweet of my friend. The tweet was something about entering your own world when you plugged in your earphone. Being a student who visits the library only 7 times a week, this is what I am looking for as a companion - a connection with music. It is undeniable that everyone loves music. The right song at the right time is just perfect to express the innerself of mine.

One of the joyous moment I had here is by scratching a smile in the faces of others. This morning itself when I went to Kasturba Hospital for a medical check-up, I was thrilled as the locals are happy upon hearing me saying simple words like thank you & happy new year in their very own Kannada dialect. The satisfaction within myself is hard to describe in words but the experiences I had gone through made me a better person.

As I am writing this blog post I am surrounded by 3 of my many best friends - Siong Keat, Phuah Sheng & Chee Sian. I feel so bleesed to have known them and go through the ups and downs with them.

Countdown 30 days more to be back in Ipoh~ =)


  1. =)thanks for accompanying me thru' thick and thin too =D

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