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Friday, January 11, 2013
Elyn & Siong Keat - My 2 sakai friends

Sometimes I felt so lucky to be born in Malaysia. Few weeks back when I was in the library, I came across a lady who worked there. She told me that the to and fro journey from her house to Manipal is rs14 a day which is approximately RM 0.90. Upon hearing that, I told her it is cheap in a slip of tongue but instead, she told me it is quite costly. Immediately after that, I realised I am actually one lucky dude on earth. Just last week itself, my friends and I bought coconuts to quench our thirst. Upon paying, the shop keeper charged us rs36, not for 1 coconut, but 3!

This afternoon as I was walking back to my hostel, I saw Mr Muthu with his daughter along his old and rusty shoe-repairing hut. His daughter was nicely sleeping on a piece of board covered by a not-so-clean towel under the shady tree. This sight definitely will not be seen in my hometown as everyone is happily living in their comfort zone but in India, it is a norm. There are people who struggle all their lives to earn money while there are some who lives happily with what they are having now. For me, I am fortunate to be what I am now and I am always satisfied with the people and things surrounding me.

Before I came to India, my elder sister told me that she encountered a girl who will also be coming to India to study medicine during her working period in Aeon, Station 18. Coincidentally, the girl is in the same campus with me but I have totally forgotten about it after I settle down. Today when I was having a random chat with Lai Yeng, only then she told me she knew my sister and she was the girl who talked to her. I was like ‘OMG why now only you tell me??’

The upcoming weeks for me is no-rest weeks as class tests, spotters, practical examination and  viva voce are in line prior to my block exam at the end of January. That is the reason why I have to gear up and be mentally motivated to face all these tough challenges~ =)

‘Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Yes indeed we are so blessed and lucky rite? So well written and touching la this post <3

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