Siong Keat's Bird Day

Monday, March 11, 2013
Question of the Day: Who is this smart guy?
Hint: This is not Siong Keat

On this auspicious day, my group of friends and I planned 2 surprises for Siong Keat ( One of it was during the last class of the day, we were having biochemistry class with Miss Nagamma. We have informed her a few days prior to Siong Keat's birthday in order for her to play the video that we have specially prepared for him. This 2 minutes+ video took me approximately 7 hours to complete because I am an amateur in making video and this can be considered the first time I am making one.

'Before we end the class, I have one video for you guys to see, please concentrate', said Miss Nagamma. The video is shown above. It took the whole class by surprise and I am sure everyone was amazed since this is also the first time that a teacher and students cooperate to make the birthday boy special. For me, I felt that it is totally an unbelievably cool experience! My utmost appreciation and credits to one of my best buddies, 
for sponsoring his creative ideas in making this video a success~ =D

We did not have any formal dinner that night. It was just a normal meal in the food court with the reason I gave to him was everyone was busy preparing for class tests. Right after that, I managed to lure him into KMC Greens which is just situated behind the food court. Each and everyone were already there to give him the 2nd surprise of the day. We have prepared a total of 5 sky lanterns and a cake~ 

Lastly, thank you, Siong Keat for giving me this opportunity to be one of the many tangent lines in your life. I appreciate each and every time spent here in Manipal with you~ =)

Credits to the 2 Ng's - Harry Ng & Ng Leong Jin for the photos above~


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