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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Time flies, people don't. I have been in Manipal for a semester. It is like a blink of eye but the blink requires much effort and sacrifice since studying here is never easy. Yet, another batch has enrolled in March - Batch 32, which comprised of 180 fresh medical students. Looking back at their innocent faces reminded me of the moment when I first came here, with nobody to depend on, except for the few of my friends who are always there with me. 

Preparations for the orientation programme is inevitable and my role is simple, to be the person incharge for the computer system in the orientation hall and one utmost holy task - the slideshow planner to add colours to the singing of Onion N Garlic (OnG), a team which consists of my 5 friends in the photo above. 

The video attached above is the 7 hours of hardwork by 2Not3 team (Chee Sian, Siong Keat, Chin Leong and I xD). We had days of sleepless nights because of this~ 

Besides the singing session by OnG, there are also sketch, solo singing, indian dance and much more programmes during the orientation. I am sure the juniors are well entertained that time. Above all I personally enjoyed watching the hilarious and creative sketch which depicts the life of medical student in Manipal itself. There are not a single moment that couldn't make me laugh. Thumbs up to the team of dedicated sketch members (Siong Keat, Chee Sian, Chin Leong, Jonathan, Samuel, etc) whose names are just too many to be mentioned. 

To be frank, the reactions by both the lecturers and students present in the hall are the most satisfying moment for me. After putting in countless efforts, the feeling of being able to make other people to laugh is golden. The video is attached above, credits to Wai Khang~ =)

Did I mention the indian dance too? Yea, the indian dance is the final programme for the day, which ended with a cool and amazing flash mobs who filled the entire hall. I am glad and proud to say that most of my close friends here, including me of course, were actively involved in making this orientation a success~ =D

Message to Benjamin: Thanks for being the 3-hour videographer, although something unfortunate happened to the video, but I still salute you for your effort and dedication which is something that not many people can demonstrate. Thanks for being there for everyone~ =)


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