3 For Hardwork, Cooperation and Sacrifice

Thursday, April 9, 2009
9 April 2009 - The last Annual Sports Day for me. Our class, 5sc4 have been training hard for this sports day event which ended at 1.00pm today. 5sc4 was lead by the class monitor, Lee Kar Heng and followed by the cooperative students in it. Our class was rewarded for our hardwork with a 3rd place for this inter-class marching among the form fives.
Overall, we were not aiming for 1st place as there were other classes which better than us. Special thanks to my following friends who ensure 5sc4 a 3rd placing:

Lee Kar Heng - The self-sacrificing, best monitor among the classes. He lead the class with his superb voice in shouting commands, organize the students and patience in bringing up the name of 5sc4. The only form 5 class who have the banners 'WE SEE' and 'WE CONQUER' thanks to him.
Karavin - Although he seems to be playful sometimes, but he showed his class spirit when he offer himself to buy the black GIORDANO™ tee shirt for all the students as our class shirt.
Beh Peng Cheng & Vincent Tang - Thanks for the wonderful yet amazing formation. Both of them contributed in designing and organizing our class formation.
Chow Swee Kwan - The one and only who design and paint our class flag. Designed by, painted by and edited by him.
Last but not least, ALL 5sc4 students who came for this glorious and meaningful Sports Day. Thank you.


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