Sunday, April 26, 2009

26 April 2009 - I participated in the First Aid Quiz organized by St John Ambulance headquarters today. Nothing special at all, we managed to kick out AMC in the first match and thus enable us to qualified to the finals with 2 other teams - Anderson and Ayer Tawar. Anderson get Silver whereas Ayer Tawar grabbed the Gold. Zero trophies for us. 'Us' = Wong Yoong Xiang, Fong Teik Sum, Eric Ewe Yow Choong, Wong Joe Hang & Me. By the way, congrats to cadet team who get Bronze.

Yesterday I saw the horoscope reading in my friendster. It says that I should not start any relationship if Im not reading, Im just wasting my time. Then today = With all the uncertainty in your life now, you need to seek the comfort of home. Maybe Im not clear what Im doing right now. Sorry for disturbing! I will try to be more rational and stop the childish thing in me.

Seriously, I hate those fella who always emotional (EMO) and talk bout the world's going to end or something like that. Sometimes I feel like Im quite near to that situation. I hate that part in me, that why Im changing now, I don't like the me who was in primary school. I want to be me right now.

SPM. My mom keep on bugging me to study hard. June holidays is coming, Two 4 days 3 nights camp in 2 weeks time. I have to stop all my St John activities.... SPM SPM SPM!? Go to hell!



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