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Saturday, April 18, 2009
18 April 2009 - Today was the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for St John Ambulance of my school. Reached school super-early to prepare for my last meeting as an EXCO. Luckily the slide show for AGM can be viewed in the lecture theatre. The AGM officially started at 9.00am. Each and every EXCOs give out their respective reports and review for the term 2008/2009. I was waiting for this moments to come, to handover to the new board. 5 years is how long I have became a St John member, and this is the time! I believe that the new EXCO board can do a better job to improve the division, a greater teamwork in managing the members. Nothing much, view the photos below for a full review.
Links -
EXCO Board Term 2008/2009
Treasurer, A/L/CPL Chen Explaining.. Sercetary of Records report

Teacher Advisor, Pn. Nor Hamisah Storekeeper, A/L/CPL Lim Kin Ho handover

Treasurer, A/L/CPL Chen Chee Zheon

Secretary of Duties, A/CPL Fong Teik Sum handover

Secretary of Records, A/CPL Tan Tek Ming handover

Head of Training, A/SGT Wong Joe Hang handover

Head of Operation, A/SGT Kisor handover


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