My Birthday Month

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
26 July 2016 - The month of July is coming to an end in few days time, and I just had another birthday celebration yesterday although my birthday falls on the 8th of this auspicious month.

Let's start off with my 5 days of Hari Raya holiday which coincides with my birthday. I am fortunate for being able to be back to my hometown Ipoh this year for my birthday. Since it is a public holiday, most of my friends who are already working locally or abroad are back to Ipoh.

On Thursday night, I had yumcha session with my friends in Starbucks, Ipoh Parade. It was Pui San's idea because we have never met for such a long time. I think the last time we met was 3 years back during Chinese New Year. We had a tradition of visiting Esther's house for 拜年 every year for BBQ but after entering adulthood, frequency to meet are getting lesser. I was surprised that Vizent came too, but he was late (as usual) and that time was around 20 minutes before 12 midnight.

I was surprised that they bought me a slice of cake because the next day would be my birthday. I have never thought that they would have remembered it! We spent most of the time catching up with each other.

The next day itself I had dinner with my family in a Chinese restaurant in Excelsior Hotel. The cake that Uncle Michael made for me was a face of Detective Conan, my childhood favourite anime (the one and only anime I watched).

I particularly like Conan because I was always amazed by the thought process that he have and the way he organized and solved mysterious and difficult cases. It somehow inspired me since young because these are the things that can be real, unlike some other animes with super powers and fictional unrealistic superheroes.

Just as I thought my birthday celebration is over, the next day itself, my secondary school friends have another surprise for me in Wingzone, Greentown. For this night, Eon, Teik Sum and Haw Tung were there too. These are the faces I usually see during CNY but this time around they are back too! I really enjoyed the moment, along with the good ambience, reminiscing the good old times we had together.

I was continuous becoming the main character for 3 consecutive days, which made me feel so humble and blessed to be showered with abundance of love. Since I came back from India, I felt that I have grown up and mentally more mature. I somehow feel uneasy when the birthday song is being sang and I do not prefer to be the center of attention that much anymore. I have even deactivated my facebook birthday, unlike previously which I will count and check the people who have wished me on facebook. I have learnt that happiness comes from within, not by external stimuli~ =)

10 days after my birthday, on a Sunday, I was back to Melaka and I went to Tzu Chi free clinic as volunteer to help out. After the morning clinic, Elyn and Chee Sian were asking me for lunch. My stomach is already 80% full that time because lunch were provided in the clinic but I just followed anyway, without suspecting anything, but I was wrong, so wrong that this is the first time I fall into a birthday surprise trap myself.

The moment we reach Palazo restaurant, I saw Siong Keat and Wei Jie's cars but I did not suspect anything because I thought they would have went for lunch without telling me as I was involved in the clinic work. However, the moment I entered, I saw the whole group of my friends including Phuah Sheng, Ru Ting, Jonathan, etc and immediately I have that 'ouch' feeling inside me. How can I not see it coming?!? Nevertheless, I still felt grateful for the group of friends who have planned my birthday surprise.

Yesterday itself was suppose to be my end of posting party (EPP), an unofficial dinner with my groupmates to celebrate the end of my paediatrics posting. However, they bought a cake too to celebrate my belated birthday, 2 weeks after my birthday! LOL

This is the first time I have so many celebrations in a month, and I am truly blessed and felt so lucky to be loved by my family and friends (and also my girlfriend =P). I was overwhelm by the unconditional love from them and I knew I am truly one lucky guy on earth. Words can't describe how grateful I am to each and everyone of you~



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