Monday, July 25, 2016
24 July 2016 - The clock has just struck past 12 midnight and here I am, whom will be starting my new Psychiatry posting tomorrow, but is too excited to post the experiences I had for the psychodrama course today.

It was a one day course organized by NCSM (National Cancer Society Malaysia) and was held in Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Center. Being a medical student for 4 years, this is the first time I encounter the term 'psychodrama' or 'psychotherapy'. The guest speaker for the day is Mr Wang Er Dong from Suzhou, China. We were told not to reveal the structures or the activities being carried out for the session, so I am just going to share my feelings and views in this post.

Psychodrama is mainly a therapy used to calm one self, to overcome one's fear and also to make one realise that there are energies around us. I personally felt overwhelm by the new things I have learnt today, and also discovered my 'professional' acting talent~ ;) 

There are fears in each and everyone of us, which we need to overcome by ourselves. Psychodrama helps to re-enact the fears and also allow us to face it and solve it by ourselves. I realised that there are various things in life which we labelled as impossible to do, or it's too difficult to achieve. However, if you believe you have the courage and strength to do it, then you will overcome it by yourself!

As a person who is in the healthcare profession, I firmly believe in science and the existence of it. In spite of that, I know that there are many other things which cannot be explained by science, today I have found proof and experienced it myself~ =)

This entire session is 10 hours and we were exhausted after that. Thankfully, we got a nice treat for our stomachs in Saigon Joy Cafe, a vietnamese restaurant recommended by Jasmine, a new friend we have met today, whom attended the course with us too. Jasmine with her ever-cheerful and friendly personality was an active participants in events organized by NCSM too. 

What a fruitful weekend indeed! 


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