Neurobytes 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016
23 July 2016 - It was the annual Neurobytes again!! Nah, this is my first time attending it~ =)

The reason I attended is because I wanted to learn more about the hi.... just joking, it was because my friend Sin Hui is participating. Our college has sent out 2 teams which consisted of 4 top students in my college and Sin Hui is one of them.

Neurobytes is actually an International Medical Quiz and we managed to get teams from Indonesia, Ireland, India, Sri Lanka and also various medical colleges from Malaysia to participate this year. There were a total of 23 teams and 4 teams were selected to enter the grand finale. Among the 4 teams, 2 teams were from MMMC. Some of the questions asked were easy but in some knockout rounds, it requires speed as those who can answer fast enough than the opponent teams were given points.

Although some questions were quite easy and within our syllabus, I realised that the knowledge that I have is so fragile and I could not recall some of the answers, this made me nervous although I was just a spectator there.

I am really proud of all the participants there, as I believe that the sweat, hardwork and sleepless nights throughout their medical student years were just the submerged portion of the iceberg, what we were seeing is just the tip of it. To be able to study, to recall and to perform is something which I should salute them of.

The champions were from Pondicheri Institute of Medical Sciences, Chennai and the speed and knowledge they have is stunning and impressive! Nevertheless, our MMMC teams too, managed to get 1st and 2nd runner ups for this competition, which is the reason why I am proud of them~ =)

1st Runner Up:
Ng Sin Hui (Batch 29)
Shailesh Anand (Batch 30)

2nd Runner Up:
Lee Jingyi (Batch 29)
Choo Hui Xin (Batch 33)

Life lesson learnt: Stop giving excuses, read more, and read more to be the best out of yourself!


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