The Climb and The Fall

Friday, May 8, 2009
8 May 2009 - Mid-year examination will be next week, and that will be the final examination for me in my 5-year schooling term. The final battle, before going for trials and finally, the (not-so) much awaited SPM. My preparation? I think it will be 60%. I have not fully focusing on my form 4 and most of the teachers in form 4 are too 'good' that I don't even understand what were they teaching so far. I think I will have to buck up on my form 4 syllabus.

507 Perak State Assembly?
Just stop the drama and get to work! If they are really working and serving the Rakyat, then they should be concentrating on the peace and harmonious life in Perak, not creating troubles and bring more chaos in it. When are you guys going to wake up?



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