Zero Lesson

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

26 May 2009 - So many things has been happening lately. The piles up troubles were enough to make me headache. However, the problems aren't just problems when you did not realise your mistake and what you are doing. For the first time ever, I get a big 0 for my Sejarah paper 1. The excuse given by teacher was I am the main supplier for answers to the people surrounding me. It's undeniable because the person sitting behind and beside me were getting the same marks with me. Geez! I was totally speechless that time. DAMN

The second part is, I realised that I have changed a lot since form 1. The change towards a more bad and more uncomfortable ME. Maybe it was the friends that I mix around with that influences me. But there is one thing for sure, I strongly believe that the friends around you makes your character. To make things simpler, what your friends do and what friends you are mixing with are what you are. A change of character can be good or vice versa. I feel like going back time and look at what I've behaved throughout my schooling life.


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