Busy Weeks

Saturday, May 23, 2009
23 May 2009 - A very busy and tiring 2 weeks for me. Although the exam has yet to finish, with the remaining one day, but i feel like screaming my heart out. I have been revising and studying for the past two weeks, which I have never done it before. WHY? Well, it's the final preparation before I face the SPM trials.
From what I can say about myself is:
1) A day before exam study is extremely insufficient time.
2) Too late and too rush for the not too prepared examinations.
3) Realised that by doing exercises is more effective than reading without aim.

I expect all my papers to pass but if we are talking about A1s, then I'm afraid that I will be disappointed. Ivan Tan, study smart la next time, don't regret later...


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