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Saturday, May 9, 2009
9 May 2009 - I have came across a blog post of my friend which i think it was 80% true facts and 20% laughing factor in it. I can't stop laughing when i read the post. The post was posted by my buddy, the 'great Donivald Tham'. Enjoy the blog post below:

Nut Heads
I've always hated the counselors in my school. They kept organizing speeches and motivational talks that is a total wastage of time and crap. Maybe they are too free cause no one's asking them for counseling. They kept talking bout how great they are and how much power they have. They said that they can write bad remarks on our certs and we'll have trouble getting into university therefore we'll regret and come back to ask them to change their remarks. They even said that everyday 2-3 parents meet them to beg them to change their remarks. Total CRAP. I hate how they exaggerate too much bout their power and stuff. They are plain stupid and useless if you ask me. Everyday you see them threatening students that they will call their parents and blacklist them. Get a life idiots =.= Really, I'm so pissed off by them today. They dare to call themselves counselors when all they do is make life miserable for us students? Go to hell. Especially the thick face counselor and boobs-woman counselor. Grrrr.. Hope someone puncture their tires later.

Hope you enjoy reading it =D
Link: Blazing HOT: Nut Heads


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