Car Test

Friday, March 26, 2010
24 March 2010 - Finally, I took my car test after months of practicing. I felt quite nervous at first because I've failed badly in my pre-test which is weeks ago. Arrived LSA super early which is 8am+ with Uncle Patrick and a girl whom he fetched along. To my surprise, Ting Yuan, Sheng Rong, Steven Liew and a few schoolmates of mine were there too. Firstly, there was a short ceramah which I ignored totally due to the boring environment there. Then, we were tested on slope, parking and three-point turn.

I passed those sections with lady luck on my side. Then, I was made waiting in the pondok menunggu for almost an hour =_=''. I don't know why my heart was beating so fast, my friends told me if I did not give duit kopi then it's difficult for me to pass the Jalan Raya section.
It's my turn around 11am+, things goes on smoothly at first, but then the engines goes off in a sudden when I reach the road beside Tesco Extra. Haiz, need to restart back the engine. My instructor told me if my car engine goes off for three times, then it's time to say babai~ The route I was assigned to was 'E' road (This makes me like the word E). The simplest and nearest route back to LSA.

Overall result 17/20 =)
(Passing Marks: 16/20)
I passed~


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